Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scrumptious Brownies (From Scratch!)

I have a confession. I'm guilty of committing the heinous culinary faux pas of using a box mix to make "homemade" brownies. I'm sure Sandra Lee would be proud, but fortunately, my box-mix days are long gone. I recently redeemed myself and to prove it, here are the brownies I made from scratch this afternoon after work. I tried this recipe from Bon Appétit and I ended up with a batch of the ooey gooey-est, chewiest, fudge-like brownies I've ever made. Perfect with a glass of cold milk.

fold into the batter any chopped nuts of your choice.
i prefer walnuts.
spread the batter in a 9x12 greased pan
and top with leftover nuts.

need i say more?

My personal notes:
*I didn't have bittersweet chocolate on hand, so I used half semi-sweet chocolate chips and half unsweetened baking chocolate, both from Trader Joe's. 
*Feel free to mix in your choice of nuts or chews, such as almonds or coconut. It'll give it a kick!
*For an added punch, try out a peanut butter frosting. 
*For chewy and ooey gooey brownies, bake the batter for about 30-35 minutes. Let the pan rest and fully cool before cutting into pieces.
*Share these with your friends. Otherwise, you WILL eat the entire pan. 


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