Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blue Bayou

In an effort to celebrate our last week of summer vacation, my boyfriend and I visited the happiest (or shall I say "yummiest") place on earth for some nostalgic magical fun. We managed to sit on almost every ride and noshed on some Disney goodness that resulted in a perpetual sugar high all day. Can you say churros, pineapple dole whip, and mint julep? But most importantly, between the Fantasmic Show and trip to Sleeping Beauty's castle, I was surprised with the most unique dining experience ever at the Blue Bayou, which is afloat the water in the Pirates ride. Feasting on a cajun meal under dimly lit lanterns on the water while the banjo player strums his instrument is as magical as it gets. Who said you can't enjoy a 5-star dining experience at Disneyland? 

le menu

roasted beef strip loin seasoned with the
 chef's special pepper blend. potatoes au gratin,
 green beans, and cajun seasoned onion rings.

cajun-spiced salmon.  
same sides as above (minus the onion rings).

my attempt at capturing the dining area.


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