Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunny Nectarine Golden Cake

I'm not a fan of fruity cakes. I prefer chocolatey, custardy, fattening pastries (like choco dipped eclairs). But this juicy Nectarine Golden Cake is an exception. It's super easy to make and hard to screw up (considering it still tasted good without vanilla and almond extract or nutmeg). My sister and I used ripe nectarines and had a slice each with homemade cappuccinos. Bon appetit!

butter the pan generously. paula deen style.

shmear the batter with a spatula.
batter will appear to be little, but it will rise during baking. 

couldn't help but eat a few slices. stay away from overly ripe nectarines.
mushy nectarines means mushy cake.

probably should have attempted a design.

voila! see how the batter puffed up over the slices?



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