Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday European Brunch at Europane

Europane is my FAVORITE café in Pasadena. It's simply the best. You already know how I feel about their macarons, so we won't get into that (see photo of drool-worthy macarons below). My mom had never been, so my sister and I introduced her to this heaven on earth for her birthday brunch. Lunch with the most important women in my life followed by retail therapy in Old Town Pas - what better way to spend the afternoon?

sister's open face egg salad sandwich, Europane's
 claim to fame
mom's eggs benedict with smoked salmon 

my delish seared chicken sandy with feta and mixed greens
left: arnold palmer according to Euro Pane: very tart, sour,
and sweet concoction of berry iced tea and lemonade
right: my usual iced vanilla latte

MACARONS!!!!! (the generous cashier threw in a
few extra for the birthday girl)

345 E. Colorado 
Pasadena, CA 91101


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