Friday, March 9, 2012

"What Do You Mean You Don't Eat No Meat?"

Most of my friends are well aware of my tendency to incessantly quote lines from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." You have a bug bite? Spray some windex on it. Give me any word, and I'll tell you the root word is Greek. You're not hungry? I'll make you something to eat. So when I saw the poster below at Papa Cristos, I felt right at home. Papa Cristos is a Greek market/restaurant bursting with an incredible assortment of baklava, deli cuts, hot plates, and imported jarred foods from the motherland. We paid homage to the movie by feasting on lamb souvlaki and gyros, saganaki, and spanakopita. They were all delicious, but the tzatziki was exceptionally garlic-y and pita-chip worthy.

Left: The lamb souvlaki and kebab with greek salad and potatoes
Right: The salty saganaki was perfect with the fresh veggies while
 the spanakopita was perfectly seasoned.

Looking forward to trying the spanakopita pizza next time.

The ambiance transports you to Greece - blue and white tablecloths, walls plastered with practically every Greek poster known to mankind, while Zorba music blares in the background. Some may think it's borderline obnoxious, but I love it.  

Post-dinner language lesson.
Who needs Rosetta Stone? 

And I leave you with the inspiration for this blog post title - one of the most memorable scenes from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."


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