Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I ♥ DTLA: Olvera Street

The original city of Los Angeles at dusk on a warm March day.

I finally visited Olvera Street for the first time this past weekend. I'm a born and raised Angeleno, so some might consider it a travesty that it took me almost 24 years to trek just 6 miles from home to visit the original Los Angeles. A travesty indeed...but only because I didn't realize I was missing out on the epic delicious-ness of Mr. Churro's cream-filled churros. I could go on and on about these churros (and the bombastic and very famous taquitos from Cielito Lindo which preceded our churro experience). Never in my life have I tasted such a perfect churro - piping hot, perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, dredged in the perfectly proportioned mixture of cinnamon and sugar, and oozing with a rich and thick custard cream. 

the ultimate street food dinner
Left: famous taquitos drenched in avocado sauce -- the signature dish of Cielito Lindo, located at the street-side edge of Olvera Street. Their horchata was also delicious and surprisingly light.
Right: self-explanatory


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