Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raspberry Yogurt Cake

I've totally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. I'm obsessed. But unfortunately, my habit of spending hours on the highly addictive website is not good for my law school health. But such is life. All you Pinterest addicts probably noticed a mouth-watering image of a strawberry-yogurt cake that almost looked too delicious to eat. I was feeling inspired, so I found this amazing raspberry-yogurt cake and gave it a go. With atypical ingredients like plain yogurt and orange juice, this recipe resulted in an absolutely moist yet light cake perfect for a summer day. Just make sure to half the recipe (unless you're feeding an army). 

The base is a moist and light batter perfect for mixing in other fruits, nuts, or even chocolate chips.

must. resist. eating raw batter.
p.s. I didn't have any almond extract on hand, so feel free to use vanilla instead.

Before folding in the raspberries, make sure to coat them in flour.
This will help prevent them from getting smashed while folding. 

So maybe coating the raspberries wasn't very helpful.
Don't worry about presentation. The streaks of smashed raspberries make the cake pretty.

I promise it tastes 100x better than it looks.

Time to eat!


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