Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Best Croissant in LA

I've never been to Paris, but each time I take a bite into a croissant from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village, I tele-transport to France. 

Located in a tiny space with minimal etching on the storefront windows, it seems like Proof is trying hard to go unnoticed. But judging from the incessant crowds and the rate at which they sell out of pastries, it's clearly not working. The reason is simple. Proof Bakery makes a mean croissant.  

A Proof croissant is a far cry from the Costco croissants we've all grown to love. Each bite yields massive flaking from the exterior crust and a perfectly chewy and buttery center. The plain and almond croissants are perfect and classic. But my inner sweet tooth can rarely ever pass up the decadent Valrhona chocolate croissant. Each bite is better than the last and letting a fallen crumb go to waste would be blasphemy. It's that good. 

Sure, Proof has a variety of other gorgeous pastries, but it's so incredibly difficult to resist a croissant once you lay your eyes upon their glistening golden crusts. Just don't forget to pair your treat with an agave latte. 


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