Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art + Food

The highly underrated LA art scene: Herb Ritts' collection at the Getty is an absolute must-see for photography enthusiasts. Keep your eye out for my favorite photo - a black + white group portrait of the 90's supermodels in the nude.

Black Hogg on Sunset: The deep-fried green olives with lemon cream dipping sauce and deep-fried popcorn bacon with maple cream dipping sauce were both indulgent and delicious, but if you're stuck ordering between the two, go for the olives. The bacon overwhelmed my tastebuds (and arteries) after a couple bites. Meanwhile, the wild mushrooms on a brioche box was a tad too buttery for my liking. The sauce soaked through the entire brioche slice, making the bread slightly soggy. The flavor combination, however, worked perfectly.

Gelato Bar in Los Feliz: The best real pistachio 
gelato you'll ever try. No artificial flavors here.


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