Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Precious Little Twists

After watching Giada make these dainty puff pastry twists on her show, I was inspired to make my own version. I didn't have any cardamom on hand, so I stuck to some fresh ground nutmeg instead. I also skipped the homemade sauce and grabbed a jar of my favorite Trader Joe's caramel sauce as a dip. Sometimes it's fun to improvise and tweak recipes to whatever ingredients you have on hand. These are super easy to make and perfect with tea for when you're feeling British. Pip pip cheerio.

Putting my new baking measures to good use.

Brown sugar, cinnamon, sesame seeds, and nutmeg.

I made my twists thinner and smaller than Giada's.
After applying the egg wash, gently press the dough to generously coat the twists. 

Voila! Be careful not to overbake.
Puff pastry burns easily.


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