Thursday, October 20, 2011

Delish Deluca

the almond macaron (far left) is a must. espresso was very pungent, but perfect for true coffee fanatics (like myself). 

soft, hard, mild, sharp, spreadable, bitter. you name it. they have cheese (though limited to a small open fridge).

I try to avoid the Americana. I prefer to dine out and shop in peace without weaving through crowds and elbowing people out of my way. Though the Americana is the antithesis of a peaceful experience, today was an exception. My sister's office is centrally located across from the Americana, so we took an afternoon stroll to Deluca's, one of our usual lunch spots. We noshed on a sandwich and soup duo and it was anything but boring. The tomato soup was perfectly mild and I was pleasantly surprised to find red cabbage instead of generic lettuce accompanying the usual veggies in my chicken panino.
soup du jour: tomato

chicken panino with avocado, tomato and red cabbage


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